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Welcome to Agile Aging >>

In this short introductory video, Valerie Baadh Garrett speaks about Agile Aging’s unique approach to senior wellness, including the use of imagery for health and healing, special props to enliven agility activities, and unique programming for special populations.


Work Directly with Valerie >>

Book Valerie directly as a motivational speaker or workshop presenter for your organization. Arrange private personal movement coaching for yourself or a loved one at the Grand View Studio in San Francisco, or at weekend wellness retreats in Topanga Canyon, Half Moon Bay, Big Sur or San Francisco.  Training Tuesdays for training Agile Aging instructors are regularly in the Bay Area, or you can book your own in-service (with CEUs) or training for your staff.

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The Agile Aging Basic Class Video >>

Introduction to the Agile Aging Basic Class from Agile Aging on Vimeo.

In this clip from the Agile Aging’s Basic Class DVD, you can see moments from the 12 favorite agility activities (including movement with our Agility Balls) that form the core class program.


News and Events

Weekly classes in the Bay Area and Sacramento, California.

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How Agile Aging Helps to Prevent Falls with Integration of the Movement Senses

Agile Aging’s programs help prevent falls by applying the science and art of the fundamental processes of sensory integration:

The 3 Aspects of Balance

Balance is a complex interplay of at least three physical and spatial senses. From our first movements of life, we move. Movement is the key to balance: balance is the result of the subtle activity of multiple body sensing systems working together, through movement. With a short video, Agile Aging's founder Valerie Baadh Garrett demonstrates the three aspects of balance.

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Sybil’s Spirals – A Clue to a Well-Lived Life

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12 Great Books on Our Agile Aging Bookshelf

It's time to share. I love books, and over the years have way more than I can store in my office or home library or garage.

Irving Berlin and Liz: Ragtime Lives On

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