"Valerie, your short videos with movement exercises and tips are wonderful. Mum and I just watched -- and did -- the first three. The Figure8s give a wonderful and gentle full torso stretch and the manner in which you incorporate eye exercise is great too."

Belinda H.

"It [Mondays in Motion] is a superb idea and gift to those of us who aren't well enough to come to your classes!"

Diana H.

"I would like to share with you what your exercise classes have done for me in less than a month! I went to your class for better balance and have come away with better balance and more!

After years of leg and foot cramps that wake me from a sound sleep, they have all but disappeared. I have attributed this to the feet and leg exercises that you have taught to our class. I've added these exercises to my daily workout. I have been to doctors that tried to give me drugs and exercises that never worked. I knew there was an answer. So THANK YOU."

Claudette M.

"I wanted to thank you so much for being a part of our Active Aging Week at Atria Sunnyvale. Your "Agile Aging" class was simply amazing! You had a full room and all the residents said that they really enjoyed your technique and your positive attitude. The moves were easy for them to follow and they were enjoying themselves so much that they forgot they were exercising!

I will recommend your class to anyone who is looking to have a new twist on exercising and learning new ways to help strengthen and loosen the body. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. This class was the complete package!"

Jennifer DeMartini, Activity Director
Atria Senior Living

"I like that you share so much good information with us. I also find the exercises most beneficial. I wish that this class would continue for a long time. Thank you."

Mary H.

"I experienced Agile Aging activity for the first time last night with Olivia Huff, and both the program and the teacher were wonderful!

The activities are alive, and fun, and use movement in all directions in space and all parts of the body. They are presented clearly and safely, with the wonderful 'extra' of brief standing massage at the end. I can imagine many older people and individual patients I want to refer for this work. Thank you, both!"

M. Kelly Sutton MD