On the Road: Tips for Traveling

On the Road: Tips for Traveling

by Valerie Baadh Garrett

Planes, trains, automobiles…buses and ferries, too: it’s been a great summer of lots of traveling, visiting, and sitting for hours on end while doing so.  Each time I unfold myself out of the car or the plane, I creak a bit and crack a bit more, and think of sharing some thoughts on how to arrive bright and fresh, rather than crumbled and aching.

Before You Go

  • Get some vigorous exercise so some sitting is welcome, including full ROM and core work.
  • If you are already sore and achy before you start a trip, take some time for stretching or floor yoga.
  • Wear loose and comfy clothing.
  • Bring a travel pillow to put behind your lower or mid-back for better and more comfortable sitting posture.

During the Trip

  • Stop often if driving (see video tips at a rest area while On the Road)
  • Body-yawn as often as you can.
  • Uncross your legs to allow better circulation
  • Use your travel pillow. Shift the pillow to different spaces of your spine, lower or higher, to refresh your posture with movement rather than stillness. I sometimes use a rolled-up sweatshirt if I’ve forgotten my pillow.

Agile Aging On the Road. from The Movement Academy Project on Vimeo.

If You’re Flying

  • Stand and stretch often.
  • The in-flight magazines often show some simple and effective moves you can do while seated, so try them out.
  • Drinking lots of water will not only hydrate you but get you moving to and from the toilet.
  • Get an aisle seat so you’ll have to get up for your neighbors in your row, too.
  • Use your travel pillow for your neck or to support your spine.
  • For a long trip, bring and use an eye-mask for more restful sleep. (I also bring noise-cancelling headphones.)

After You Arrive

  • Go for a walk or a swim as soon as possible, getting some fresh air into your blood, brain, and muscle.
  • Get a massage; take a warm bath.
  • Go to bed early.

What are your top tips for comfortable travel? Please share in the comments below.

On your trip, enjoy the change of scenery, and travel safely!

Our Best Music

Our Best Music

Here are some of our favorite tunes for Agile Aging.  If you’ve enjoyed our classes either live or on video, you know that our music choices make the movements sing! We encourage you to listen, download them and arrange them in the order of our Basic Class, or as you like.  Enjoy our best music for movement!  (You can get CDs of more music with our Instructor Kit at our online store.)


Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Flower Hands Music

Golden Leaves Begin to Fall


King of the Fairies

The Lover’s Waltz


Music Hall Waltz Medley

The Jitterbug Waltz

Over the Rainbow

Santa Baby

Seven Jumps

Spring, Spring Spring

Zat You Santa Claus?