On the Road: Tips for Traveling

On the Road: Tips for Traveling

by Valerie Baadh Garrett

Planes, trains, automobiles…buses and ferries, too: it’s been a great summer of lots of traveling, visiting, and sitting for hours on end while doing so.  Each time I unfold myself out of the car or the plane, I creak a bit and crack a bit more, and think of sharing some thoughts on how to arrive bright and fresh, rather than crumbled and aching.

Before You Go

  • Get some vigorous exercise so some sitting is welcome, including full ROM and core work.
  • If you are already sore and achy before you start a trip, take some time for stretching or floor yoga.
  • Wear loose and comfy clothing.
  • Bring a travel pillow to put behind your lower or mid-back for better and more comfortable sitting posture.

During the Trip

  • Stop often if driving (see video tips at a rest area while On the Road)
  • Body-yawn as often as you can.
  • Uncross your legs to allow better circulation
  • Use your travel pillow. Shift the pillow to different spaces of your spine, lower or higher, to refresh your posture with movement rather than stillness. I sometimes use a rolled-up sweatshirt if I’ve forgotten my pillow.

Agile Aging On the Road. from The Movement Academy Project on Vimeo.

If You’re Flying

  • Stand and stretch often.
  • The in-flight magazines often show some simple and effective moves you can do while seated, so try them out.
  • Drinking lots of water will not only hydrate you but get you moving to and from the toilet.
  • Get an aisle seat so you’ll have to get up for your neighbors in your row, too.
  • Use your travel pillow for your neck or to support your spine.
  • For a long trip, bring and use an eye-mask for more restful sleep. (I also bring noise-cancelling headphones.)

After You Arrive

  • Go for a walk or a swim as soon as possible, getting some fresh air into your blood, brain, and muscle.
  • Get a massage; take a warm bath.
  • Go to bed early.

What are your top tips for comfortable travel? Please share in the comments below.

On your trip, enjoy the change of scenery, and travel safely!