Train as an Instructor

BallRollWhether you are a caregiver, a fitness instructor, an activity leader, or an individual looking for a path to bring healing and wellness to your community and financial benefits to yourself, you can become trained and certified in the unique Agile Aging approach.  While some Agile Aging instructors come from a background of exercise or movement teaching, the program is designed so that anyone who works with the elderly can succeed as an instructor.

Agile Aging Training can be done with a private, fast-track approach, or in a group setting.

Fast Track Training can be achieved by attending a Learn To Teach the Basic Class coaching intensive and live class observation, followed by step-by-step mentoring through the Practicum and Demo class phases in your own location via Skype appointments and video.  This can be accomplished in a short period of time or take up to one year.  Dates of the upcoming Learn To Teach the Basic Class workshops are on our home page.

Group Training is hosted by your organization, and is a four-step process that unfolds over 3 days of on-site training, plus individual study, practice, and demo teaching with on-going support.  8 hours CEUs in Preventing Falls with Agile Aging are provided for Activity professionals.

When the criteria of Agile Aging are achieved with a successful demo class, a Certified Agile Aging certificate with license to teach Agile Aging for two years and permission to use the Agile Aging logo and web resources are given.  CAA licenses may be renewed after two years, with 10 hours of continuing education including an Agile Aging refresher.

The cost of Agile Aging training, through all steps of certification and two-year licensing, is $800 per person.

Please contact us to confirm availability of dates of upcoming programs and more details on our training.