Deluxe Agility Gift Bag with DVDs


A gift bag with everything you need to get up to speed with Agile Aging. Three DVD’s from our Agile Aging Mondays in Motion Series, and The Agile Aging Basic Class DVD. The bag includes a windowed box containing one handsome Felted Wool Agility Ball, and a seasonal CD with our favorite tunes for movement. An unusual and practical gift for your loved ones.

On sale now through July.


Product Description

Perfect for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day (or any day!) our Agility Gift Bag includes everything needed to participate in Agile Aging’s program, right in the comfort of your home or office. Includes:
4 DVDs with Valerie Garrett
1. Roots At Work
2. Our Strong Trunks
3. Branches in Motion
4. Agile Aging’s Basic Class

A colorful Agility Ball comes nested in bright tissue inside a sweet cupcake box with a little window, and a seasonal CD of our best tunes for movement complete our Gift Bag.
Great for a gift for a loved one, or yourself!