Become an Agile Aging Wellness Partner

Whether your community is one facility, or dozens, Agile Aging offers health, refreshment, and value for your entire community.

Agile Aging’s Wellness Partnership is our platinum Agile Aging package.  You get one full year of Agile Aging’s direct commitment to you and your community to help design and implement a comprehensive movement and mobility program.  Agile Aging’s Wellness Partnership includes Agile Aging training and on-going mentoring of your activities and caregiving staff, personal on-site visits with Valerie with live Agile Aging programs (such as our popular Preventing Falls class and New Sensory Activities class) for your residents and community, Agile Aging’s Staff Savers exercises that help reduce stress and workplace injuries, and private wellness coaching for individuals.

With even more value, Agile Aging’s Wellness Partnership enables you to continue your Agile Aging program into the future, with your trained and mentored staff. Our full training and certification of Agile Aging class instructors from your team and 52 weeks of Mondays in Motion streaming video movement mentoring for you and your staff will give you the support you need to maintain the vibrancy of your Agile Aging program.

In addition, Agile Aging’s Staff Savers offer a similar movement approach adapted for caregivers and staff.  Burnout, stress, fatigue, improper ergonomics and workplace responsibilities place significant strain on caregivers and staff.  With a sequence of short, simple, yet effective exercises developed by our professional physical and movement therapists, caregivers and the community learn how move and work with less strain and discomfort, thus reducing injuries, illness, and absenteeism.

Agile Aging’s Wellness Partnership provides other benefits in addition to wellness and fall prevention.  Have an exclusive “territory”, stand out from the crowd as you use our logo and graphics package in your marketing materials, and share our resources – including articles, blogs, and public programs – with your wider community.

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